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  1. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    I have a set of used dunlop sportmax gp DOT race tires that I used for practice at the Championship Cup Series race at VIR last Sept. The sizes are 120/70/17 and 190/60/17. These would be great for the street or even a track day. The front has about 60% of the tread left and the rear has about...
  2. The ZX-10R
    I am hoping someone here can help me out. I have a bone stock 2005 ZX10R with 8000 miles on it. I just had a new pair of Dunlop Qualifiers put on the bike. The qualifiers replaced the original set of tires. This is were the problem starts. When I got the bike back from the shop I noticed a...
1-2 of 3 Results