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crash protection

  1. Woodcraft ZX10R Frame Sliders

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    Woodcraft frame sliders are built with crash protection and ease of use in mind. Crash protection properties are looked after with solid slider pucks that are sat atop an aluminum base and assembled with quality hardware to protect your bike’s frame in the event of a crash. The two piece design...
  2. Shark Guards from GB Racing – protect your feet from injury!

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    Protect your toes from getting caught between the swingarm and rear sprocket with a shark guard from GB Racing components. This simple-to-install device could literally be the difference between a minor crash from which you get up and ride away or major surgery to repair mangled or missing toes...
  3. GB Racing Motorcycle Protection Bundle for ZX10R

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    RidersDiscount.com now carries GB Racing components! Designed and manufactured in the UK, GB Racing has become recognized for employing excellent engineering capabilities to create bolt-on motorcycle crash protection products. The FIM-approved components are manufactured using injection molded...
  4. ZX10R Shogun Frame Slider Kits

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    A legend in the business of sportbike crash protection, Shogun frame sliders are well known for their ability to reduce damage to your motorcycle and come at a reasonable cost. Using their proprietary composite slider element construction, Shogun sliders help prevent scrapes, dents and cracks to...
  5. Gilles Frame Sliders

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    Gilles Tooling frame sliders for Kawasakis are built with a patented crash-absorbing mechanism that’s designed to reduce the force of impact “felt” by your bike’s frame should the unfortunate happen. The crash pads are actually a two-piece design with a high-density compression material...
  6. Yoshimura ZX10R Frame Sliders

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    Straight from the Yoshimura Race Shop, these frame sliders have crash pads and mounting basses that are CNC-machined for a perfect fit. Tough, stainless steel bolts are designed to keep the frame of your motorcycle off the ground and reduce damage to both bodywork and engine cases. These...