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  1. Performance and Tech
    Took my 2006 ZX10R (11k miles) to the track today. 1st session - Went great lots of power 1st through 6th at WOT. Temp at 160-170. Top End 174 mph NO ISSUES. 2nd Session - Problems with WOT. Anything above 8k bogs down no power. 1st Gear Strong AF through redline (No issues). 2-6 gear bogs...
  2. The ZX-10R
    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I just bought a used 04 zx-10 and don't know much about the bike so apologies if this is a dumb question. The radiator fan appears to be a bit melted, I cut away all the melted bits and it spins but it keeps popping fuses. I can't seem to find any...
1-2 of 2 Results