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  1. Irnieracing.com Center of Gravity Photos!

    Pictures and Videos
    IrnieRacing Center of Gravity 2011 photo album available at Irnieracing.com Samantha makes this uncompetitive bike look fast... very fast! Ashley shows us why Kelowna is the best place in Canada. "The California of Canada!" I always say. The Steve Romaniuk COG Dirt Zone is Off The...
  2. Irnie goes Two Seconds Faster in Washington

    Pictures and Videos
    WMRRA Rd6 2010/ Center of Gravity 2010 Part ONE WMRRA Rd.6 / Center of Gravity 2010 Part TWO VIDEOS ALSO available at Irnieracing.com WMRRA Round 6, Pacific Raceways Kent, WA Aug 14-15 After Marcel Irnie spent June and July battling hard for podiums on the Parts Canada Superbike Series, he...