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  1. Chain Cleaning

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    I have searched around the forums and I did not find any threads about 'chain cleaning'. Anyways, I just use a chain degreaser, wash it off with water/soap - I repeat this method three times, and then after all that I use a chain lube. Any method better than mines? Also, can I just use a...
  2. DiD ERV3 520 X-Ring Motorcycle Chain

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    DiD ERV3 chains are one of our most popular items for street and track use. The gold-colored steel plates look nice and they’re relatively light for a 520 pitch chain. The ERV3 uses X-ring seal technology which has unique properties for efficiently retaining lubricant. This lubricant retention...
  3. D.I.D Cutting and Riveting Chain Tool

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    Save time and money by doing your own chain swaps with this tool from the manufacturer of DID chains. A properly crimped rivet link on your motorcycle’s chain is critical for safety. DID’s KM500 chain tool is built to help you cut most chains to the proper length then set the connecting link...
  4. DID ERV3 520 Chain Kits

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    The only thing better than D.I.D’s ERV2 chain is their own ERV3. Boasting the same weight as the older model, but with 5% higher tensile strength and 15% greater fatigue strength in the 520 pitch, this X-ring chain is one of the best on the market. It’s also the same motorcycle chain we use on...