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  1. Performance and Tech
    I wasn't initially sure whether or not I wanted to post a build thread so I haven't taken many pictures that clearly show the process. I will start to do so moving forward. I also haven't positioned myself in the ZX10r forums with the same enthusiasm as I have on the zx6r forums. :dontknow: I've...
  2. Bikes 4 Sale
    I am selling my championship winning 08 ZX10R. I won 7 CCS championships on this bike last year. I have $20,000 invested and need to get $10,500. I would like to sell as a whole package, but I may consider putting the bike back stock and selling the aftermarket parts separate. I bought the bike...
  3. Track
    My brother has been cool enough to put together a webpage with racing stuff from this season. Check it out there are some good youtube video's and a few pics.:thumbsup: www.mattbrownracing.com
  4. Track
    I had a successful weekend in the CCS first round at Daytona. The ZX10 took first place in three classes (Unlimited Superbike, Unlimited Supersport, & GTO). Ended up Second place in the Unlimited GP. Bike week at Daytona was a blast and the 10 was super fast around the high banks of Daytona...
1-4 of 4 Results