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  1. The ZX-10R
    Hi guys.. recently i did a burnout of maybe 1 or 2 mins on my 2015 zx10r (never did burnouts on it before) as i had to change the tyres. And unfortunately i forgot to switch off the traction control. After the burnout i just rode back to my house which was near by and i didn't face any problem...
  2. Strip
    Hey guys, I am thinking about going to the drag strip for the first time. Well I have been a few times but I never ran my bike. I have a 07 ZX10 basically stock, only performance add on is a slip on and it is SWB and stock height. I have looked at other threads but I am wondering how...
  3. Track
    Marcel Irnie from Irnieracing.com produced a compilation HD video featuring the greatest moments, passes, crashes, and burnouts from 2010. CLICK VIDEO LINK! Cheers Marcel Irnie irnieracing.com
  4. Wasting Tires For A Pic 2

    me and a friend of mine with his 14.
  5. Wasting Tires For A Pic

    me and a friend of mine with his 14.
1-5 of 5 Results