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  1. Vesrah RJL-SS Racing Pads Review

    General Motorcycle Discussions
    Hi, There was no review covering all the questions I was looking for when purchasing a high end racing pad, so decided to create one. Bike : 2016 ZX10R with stock Brembo M50 Caliper and stock MS. Original Brake Pads: They had the mark HH stamped on them. Worked well even on track, not a...
  2. Gen 4: 2011-2015 rear brake caliper / pads / rotor fitment issue

    The ZX-10R
    hey guys. i called mike @ ridersdiscount to order a rear rotor and he sent me a Galfer Wave Rotor. when in to install it and noticed my brake pads were @ 20% life so I called mike again and he sent me some pads. installed both and went to put my back wheel back on and noticed that i can not...
  3. Goodridge Superbike Pro 1-into-2 Brake Lines

    Riders Discount
    Goodridge Superbike Pro stainless steel brake lines greatly increase the efficiency of your motorcycle’s brake system by reducing the amount of effort required at the brake lever to create effective stopping power. This is because every critical component of these stainless steel braided brake...
  4. Brembo HP Radial Brake Calipers

    Riders Discount
    Brembo brake calipers have earned a reputation for stopping the fastest riders on Earth thanks to the high level of engineering that goes into every Brembo motorcycle brake product. Brembo HP calipers are no exception. We have these on hand to fit most late-model Japanese sportbikes with...
  5. Goodridge Superbike Pro Stainless Steel Braided ZX10R Brake Lines

    Riders Discount
    Goodridge stainless steel brake lines have been proven to take 20 feet out of a stop made at 100mp/h when compared to rubber brake hoses. This makes a set of Goodridge brake lines arguably the most cost-effective safety upgrade you can get for your motorcycle. The heavy-duty braided stainless...
  6. SBS Motorcycle Brake Pads

    Riders Discount
    Scandinavian Brake Systems pads are available in four compounds to suit your ZX-10R’s braking needs. We’ve used SBS brake pads in our racebikes for some time and have always been pleased with the results. StreetExcel Sintered Metal brake pads are designed specifically for street riding and have...