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  1. Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Hello! Selling a Gen four OEM fuel tank. In used condition with a medium sized dent on the top of the tank right side. Asking for $250.00, buyer pays shipping. (paypal) Based in Southern California is you want a frame of reference for shipping. (Left side with dent)...
  2. Bikes 4 Sale
    Hello everyone, I've decided to put my track bike for sale. There's nothing wrong with it, I just don't have the time to ride it as much as I used to. 2009 ZX-6R track bike - $6500 Mods: Factory Racing Kit ECU + Stock ECU Dynojet PC V Fuel Injection Dynojet Quick Shifter (GP Shift) Akrapovic...
  3. Bikes 4 Sale
    I'm looking to sell my 2007 zx-10r. price: $5,500 9549 miles ATRE leo vince exhaust Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen I also have 2007 honda front calipers for brake conversion that I never completed. all parts bout from this forum by users and resellers. I have changed the oil every...
  4. Performance and Tech
    Just picked up an 05 zx10 and 2nd day i had it i was taking off and at 80mph it started sputering like it was running out of gas then just started running crappy and sounding like a suburu. So it ran crappy for awhile and then it came outta it. n then off n on it would go into it n then come...
  5. The ZX-10R
    Anyone have any suggestions? I already have two kids. Do you think I could sell this one and use the money to fix the bike? Isn't anyone in need of a white infant? Well start the bidding at $3000. Do I hear $4000?
  6. My Ride

  7. ZX10R

    My new Akra's
  8. ZX10R

    My new Akra's
  9. ZX10R

    My new Akra's
  10. My 2001 Kawasaki ZX6R

    Again, this is another picture of my '01 Kawasaki ZX6R that's for sale.. I love this bike. It's one of the most beautiful factory colors I've ever seen!
1-10 of 13 Results