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ben spies helmet

  1. Ben Spies Replica RPS-10 Helmets Now Available!

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    We just got these in today and only 1,000 have been made! Get your hands on this Limited Edition Ben Spies Replica helmet before it’s too late! Call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext. 817 to order. Call before supplies run out! Each helmet comes Pinlock ready and includes a fog-resistant insert. Ben...
  2. HJC RPS-10 Mugello Full Face Helmet

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    One of the lightest Snell-approved helmets to come through our hands, the RPS-10 Mugello gets the nod for a real step in the right direction from HJC helmets. Starting with a shell that’s molded from a combination of organic fabric, aerospace grade aramid and pre-preg fiberglass twill, only six...
  3. HJC RPS-10 Patriot Full Face Helmet

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    Three years of research and development led up to the introduction of HJC’s most advanced helmet, the RPS-10. This was made possible after a considerable investment in their manufacturing and testing facilities. During that time, twenty different prototype designs were produced with each being...
  4. HJC Ben Spies Replica Helmet

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    Get a piece of history with the same design that Ben Spies wore in WSBK when he went to a new series, competed on tracks he’d never seen before and took a completely new motorcycle to victory almost every weekend out. He did it all in an HJC helmet. This helmet is Snell certified for maximum...