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  1. General Motorcycle Discussions
    So i have a 2010 zx10r. i just hooked up my power commander 5 installed my k&N race filter and have Mgp growler slip on i am currently running the map off the pc website. But when i was out riding it felt really sick in the lower rpms but when i got to the top and let off the gas i was getting a...
  2. The ZX-10R
    i have an 05 zx10 i washed it than i drove it it was fine i put it in the garage and the next day its running really bad doesnt wanna move keeps backfiring and lights flicker up and down once i get it moving and give it lots of gas it cleans up but once i slow back down its hard to go again...
  3. The ZX-10R
    I have a 05 zx-10 and was at a gas station with only regular and running on fumes so i put 10 buck in to get me by. before the tank was out it, the bike had a deep cruiser-like sound. backfires when off the throttle at +6000rpm. major power loss, sloppy idling. got about 6 tanks burnt since. I...
1-3 of 3 Results