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  1. Gen 1: 2004-2005 For the Granny Smith Apple lovers...Enjoy!!!

    Pictures and Videos
    So I wanted a change this year.... I got rid of the gold wheels and other parts to add some color.... This is a powder coat color called Granny Smith Green....it has a gold underlay Please keep in mind that my bike needs a wash(Bad)...
  2. WWDC, 6/8/09 1pm EST

    The Out House
    So today was the WWDC (worldwide developers confrence) essentially news from apple about the new iphone and the release date. I am sure the techies here are all up on this. Here is a refresher for you not so much. the iphone 3g 8gb model is now just $99 the new iphone 3G(s) 16gb model is 199...