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  1. Is my oem damper going bad? And plastic panels question.

    Suspension and Tire Tech
    Hi, Yesterday I took my tank off to replace air filter on my 2014 zx10r. It's only got 2k miles on it (bought brand new late last summer) but I wanted to put a K&N in. I took my time with the job and was very careful no broken parts or extra screws or errors/lights when I was done. Today on...
  2. Gen 4: 2011-2015 pcv settings with m4 street slayer and maybe air filter.

    Performance and Tech
    I was looking through the possible maps for the pcv and didnt find any for the m4 street slayer. I also don't have an air filter but I was gonna get one if I heard good things about adding one over stock. Total mods are -1/+2, ivans wire mod, m4 street slayer, pcv. Does anybody have a similar...
  3. Gen 4: 2011-2015 power commander V or.....?

    Performance and Tech
    My buddy has a zx14 and was told that a pcv was a waste of money because it didn't add much hp and in some cases even lost hp. Does anynody have any good/bad experiences with a pcv or any suggestions? Currently the bike has m4 street slayer slip on, ivans wire mod, -1+2 sprockets, and maybe a...
  4. BMC Air Filters

    Riders Discount
    Get maximum performance from your bike with an air filter from BMC. The very same filters we use in our own racebikes and the same ones used by top teams in both domestic and international series, if it’s good enough for top teams, it’s good enough for your bike. For most applications, BMC Air...