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  1. In search of turbo!!

    Performance and Tech
    I have a 2016 zx10r. I am looking for a turbo for it, however I cant seem to find any websites or anything that sells them. I find the kits and what not for them, just not the actual turbo itself. If anyone could give me a website or point me in the right direction, it would be very helpful...
  2. Gen 1: 2004-2005 Gen 1 parts aftermarket and stock

    Parts, Gear and Accessories
    Prices do not include shipping and are OBO but will NOT accept lowball offers: THIS IS ALL THATS LEFT **Carbon fiber pieces-:badteeth: carbon Heel gaurds $ 35 Flush mount tinted turns $35 Hyperpro stabilizer active version(no mounting kit) works on many bikes $100 Stock slip on $50 one...
  3. Nice Cycle Fairings

    The ZX-10R
    anyone tried these? tempted to get a set just wondering if it is worth the 850 bucks for it. any input will help http://www.nicecycle.com/2003-to-2005-Fairings-s/67.htm