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  1. 05 ZX10R noob needs help - Mods to balance the rich vs lean ratio, am i buying the wrong replacements parts/ mods... etc.

    Welcome Newbies!
    I recently purchased a 05' ZX10R and have noticed a few things that are new to me. With this being my first big boy bike after riding a 650R for a year, i'm not sure if my bike is running too rich or lean, plus i'm sure replacing essential parts are a good way to start clean with a bike this...
  2. Fuel Economy , Lighting , Long distance trips

    The ZX-10R
    Ok guys I'm going on a charity ride in late September , the total distance is about 8500km/5300miles , wondering what the best fuel usage most of use manage ( I average 230km/142miles a tank 2008 zx10r) also what's the best lighting upgrade you guys recommend ( wanting to avoid HID for cost...