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2016 zx10r

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    Hi, i was just wondering what tyres sizes must I enter in the woolich program? The sizes that is defaulted and the size I get when I measure it is completely different? Is it measured in height or in circumference?
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    So it has been 2 weeks since I turned in my bike to the dealership to get the "cam-chain tensioner" fix. 3 days ago they called me and gave me an update about it and they told me that they have installed the new parts - I waited 2 weeks to get the parts in - from Kawi, but it is still making the...
  3. The ZX-10R
    Hi Guys, I have a 7 month old '16 Zx10 and everything has been fine so far. But i recently hit 9,000km and the tach area has started to make a loud clank kind of sound when i switch the engine off with the key. If i turn the bike on in the morning it will be completely fine, but if i ride for...
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    Hi all, My gen 5 zx10r seems to have developed vibrations in the handelbars and foot pegs. They are bad enogh that after an hour of riding my hans and feet go numb. It seems to be right through the rev range. The bike has 2200km on it. Has anyone else experienced this? Only mod to the bike is...