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  1. The ZX-10R
    I have 2009 ZX-10R, and I need an OEM seat. RonAyers has them for $125. Where do I go for a cheaper but OEM seat?
  2. The ZX-10R
    Hi all, I have a gen 3, its fully black (see profile pic) but I'm wanting to put very slight colours on it. I like hints of gold, but what do you guys think the best splashes of colour is? Can I see some of your bikes? And to the guys thats done it, how hard is it? Do you have any tips? Maybe...
  3. Performance and Tech
    Hey guys, First post on any forum... So, on my ride to drop off my girl at her work I noticed a squeak coming from the left side gearbox area of my 09 10R. It would only be audible when I would put pressure on my gear shifter to upshift, then when I blip the throttle (clutchless shift) and...
  4. Wanted: Buy or Trade
    Need full set of fairings for my black Gen3.
  5. Performance and Tech
    I crashed my bike big time when the HIFLOFILTRO oil filter seal exploded. I can't find a 2008 zx10 or 2009 rad for the life of me. If anyone knows of one or parts for that bike please let me know !!! What would be the closest fit ?? and how do I go about doing that ? Plus my hoses should be...
  6. The ZX-10R
    Alright I can't find them online, but the instructions provided for the PCV by Dynojet are pretty good, but the suggested mounting location sucks. They recommend you set the power commander in the trunk (under passenger seat) basically just sitting there, with the wires coming out of it facing...
  7. The ZX-10R
    So I have been wanting to mount my plate near the rear shock and finially got around to doing it. I started going through some of my scrap pieces seeing what I could use, ended up being a piece from the stock fender. The one that had the 2 reflectors mounted to it. All I did was file to notches...
1-7 of 9 Results