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  1. My Gorgeous Bike!

    I was sitting down next to the wall and looked at my bike. It turned me on again and i took these pictures. I was waiting for that worker to come back from his break to approve my bike that i can get my licence plate.
  2. My Gorgeous Bike!

    It took 50 minutes until i dealed with the worker but I got what i wanted!
  3. My Gorgeous Bike!

    This is infront of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). I am finally getting licence plate. Yoohooooooooo!!!
  4. My Beautiful Bike

    I went to the court again.
  5. 34.5

    I don't leave the helmet outside like this but i did it that day becasue i didn't want them to know i am riding.
  6. My Awsome Bike

    Another day there... Every time i am leaving my bike, i am looking forward to come back and ride it again..
  7. My Awsome Bike!

    I love this picture so much! I love the angles and curves of my beautiful bike. look at its front eyes. It is so lovely!!
  8. My Awsome Bike!

    My great fast inshape bike.
  9. My Awsome Bike!

    My bike is so hungry and eats alot of gas. With my driving this bike needs to gas stataion very frequently!!!
  10. My Awsome Bike

    I went to court again. This is the LAX court house. LAX court house is a criminal court house now don't think anything bad. I came here becasue of one ticket. I took care of it. (Thanks God!)
  11. My Awsome Bike

    My beautiful lovely bike in my college parking.
  12. My Awsome Bike

    I went to court again. This is inglewood court house parking. (This is actually police station parking next to ingle wood court house.)
1-20 of 36 Results