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  1. 2005 Kawasaki Zx-10r Rear Set Shervinrrr Edition

    Alittle bit zoomed out view than the previous image.
  2. This Is How The Shervinrrr 2005 Zx10r Rear Set Edition Looks Like Under The Bike. This Picture Shows

    This is how the ShervinRRR 2005 zx10r rear set edition looks like under the bike. This picture shows the right side.
  3. Just After Paint. I Was So Excited. I Could N't Wait For Them To Get Dry!

    just after paint. I was so excited. I could n't wait for them to get dry!
  4. I Am Going Ot Paint Them In Black. This Is Just Before Paint.

    I am going ot paint them in black. This is just before paint.
  5. Orginal Rear Set Of 2005 Kawasaki Zx-10r Properties In Detials

    The picture that you see is just taken after the parts have been washed and dried.
  6. Orginal Rear Set Of 2005 Kawasaki Zx-10r Properties In Detials

    I opened both sides and cleaned and washed each part individually to grab the paint better.I also open the rear wheel bolts and it's components to paint them as well.
  7. Orginal Rear Set Of 2005 Kawasaki Zx-10r

    I am going to paint some of it's properties in black to make it look sportier. This is how it looks like before paint. This is the orginal rear set from 2005 Kawasaki ZX-10R. This picture shows the left side of the rear set.
  8. Pict0061

    This is the broken peg holder.
  9. Pict0060

    This is the right side. The peg holder on the right side has a crack. I bought the bike like that. I ride 32000 km (20000 miles) with the cracked peg holder until i changed it on August 2009.
1-18 of 18 Results