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  1. For Sale Honda CBR 1000RR Red 06, Dynoed @ 156hp, Many Extras, Very Clean, SELL OR TRADE 4 CAR

    Bikes 4 Sale
    Selling or Trading my 2006 Honda CBR1000RR. I recently dynoed this bike at Steve's Superbikes and Skies putting down 156hp. On the same dyno my buddies 09 CBR put down 154hp. Has a Power Commander with a custom dyno map tuned to the unique Titanium Ladybird GP exhaust. Horsepower aside there...
  2. FS Brand New 06-07 Honda CBR1000rr ENGINE!!

    Parts, Gear and Accessories
    motor was never used it's brand new, it doesnt even have oil in the motor, motor was bought from straight from HONDA, It will come with a bill of sale and you have the pics here to look at the engine number!! $2200 OBO PM me for any question, thank you