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  • ShervinRRR ·
    You are very civilized, peaceful, polite, and mature and I appreciate that. Please live long and keep your ethics!

    God bless you by all means.
    Shervin Asemani
    YB Legal ·
    Hey man, back at ya! I haven't been on here as much myself since selling my scooter. But I been doing ok, works been......well work! Things are going decent though here, hope you and the family are doing well.
    YB Legal ·
    just dropping aline, hoping you and the family had a great christmas and a happy new years! i could really use some of that florida weather right about now!
    YB Legal ·
    hey you thnk you could send up some of that warm fla weather? 40 and rainy here for the past few days, was in the 80's last week...hope all is well!
    YB Legal ·
    hey man, i knw we have shared our love of the old schools in the past. what yu think about a thread in the pic forum? just be old school bikes? since you have your fzr, i know honez has an older zx-7. i think the oldee guys would really like it, and maybe the younger guys get a better appreciation of where the bikes have come from. think it over and hit me back. again....sweet ride!
    luis.pita ·
    Hi there, havent been online much either but i guess its the only way to be in touch with ol friends ;) My 6 months ban ended in june... so i can be "active" on the forum again without the embarassment of being banned. Hope your alright friend.
    ZX10Miami ·
    Kawis have strong motors for sure, this is my first kawi and I still love it. All the liter bikes are strong though, mostly going to come down to rider and the mods being fairly equal.
    Take it easy and respect the bike for sure. Nothing to prove out there.
    2 zedd x ninjas ·
    whats up i was talking to a friend and he say that the gsxr 1000 are so much faster than the ten just wanted to hear your take on that seems like you have alot of riding experience i just got my ten havent raced anyone yet
    ShervinRRR ·
    ZX10Miami! How are you doing??! I didn't hear you for a while and i 've missed you. I hope every things goes well with you and life.
    You are my very good friend and i appriciate you very much!
    andresmejia ·
    Man i havent rode the 10 in 3 weeks cause everytime i go out we get in troble hope the day clears up and the sun comes out last night was beautifull........what part of miami u leave in?
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