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  • vr6 ·
    What weekend is it? I'm on lock down for July 23rd. Then i got one other family event 1st or 2nd week in August... The BX bike wash is a good look.
    ZX10Rracer ·
    Thanks man, I wont be spending much time on this board any more i'm sick of getting fucked with... (blo won) .... if you ever need anything hit me up over on the bmw site
    The Joker 008 ·
    Sorry for late reply... but I am doing good thanks. I'm finally all healed up and just can't wait to ride again on the street and racetrack. Thanks for asking. I hope you've been good too. Cheers, bro.
    WLTD ·
    I plan on doing Newark on Thursday nights for sure! You missed it last year but it was a good time! 2010 the spot is the PACenter
    WLTD ·
    Nobody going to this rally down at the gap? What's your story you waiting for the summer Bear Mtn. rally?
    weapon control ·
    Hi vr6 my name is Warren and i live in sydney australia and also lost a friend last year his name was Hockley he rode a gsxr1000 and lost control after crossing a 150ft high FW overpass. I'm left with a ragging question of how could this happen? when his was an excelent rider. I was there for the police report which was sumed up in three paragraghs 1 speeding 2 lost control 3 hit almco metal railing and died. Please let me know if you hear any more how your mate lost control. regards Warren
    vr6 ·
    No doubt... Good meeting you too bro... Definetly keep me in the loop. There may be some event in Philly. Gotta check dates and to see if I can get free... I holla at ya...
    vr6 ·
    All good! I am casually looking for an older dirt bike
    CR125 or a RM80. Just something to clown around on.
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