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  • theluanptl ·
    Giá Xe Toyota Yaris 2017, Toyota Yaris, Mua Bán Xe Toyota Đã Qua Sử Dụng, Mua Xe Toyota Trả Góp, Xe Toyota, Toyota Tân Cảng, Toyota Mỹ Đình, Toyota Hà Đông, Toyota Giải Phóng, Toyota Thanh Xuân, Toyota Hoàn Kiếm, Toyota Thăng Long.
    Thought about a race tail? I'm putting a Sharkskinz body kit on mine soon. Very nice stuff there. Just gotta mod a little wiring/lights obviously if using for street, and gotta use foam pad instead of OEM seat. Armour Bodies has a tail that utilizes the OEM seat (nice price), however I think it's left open on the bottom, I didn't like that. Only other place I found with an enclosed race tail for OEM seat is Wet4Uracing in Australia. But if you don't mind a foam pad and a little modding, I think Sharkskinz is the best bet though. Fair prices, exceptional work and fitment, and great customer service too. Oh yeah, and made in the USA, lol.
    Yours is definately bad ass man. Shit, your bike inspired me more than any other gen4.
    Informative reviews too bro!
    ...Someday I'll get some pics posted up of mine :)
    bikefanatic ·
    Hey Von, are you going to leave 9.5mm of spacers on the rear? I am not as mechanically adept as some, so I was going to stick with the stock spacers to avoid complete removal of the shock. The single spacer I ordered is 10mm. Do you think that will work okay? BTW, do I need a spring clamp to install the spacer or can I just use a steel rod and jacks to lower the swingarm. Thanks for the scoop.

    ZiG 9th ·
    Von the goth god! Whatz going on man! Hey do u still have those pix from when we met up down in Myrtle Beach back in '06?
    RDLYN13000 ·
    What's up nice thread on clutch instal mine just started slipin yesterday, I have an 04 I'm just wondering I went to my local parts store and there barnett kit is just ordering 10 fiber plates and they said to reuse the steels and springs. So can you tell me what plates to get, what size they are, or if the ten fibers will work for me if I order them? Thanks for any help
    lefty2211 ·
    Tell Me This: How hard is it to change your oil and to hook up a power commander, and map it. Also there's a PCV out now but I heard the maps are hard to find for an 08. Somebody hook me up.
    Ratfink ·
    sombody told me you have a set of plastics for a 08 zx10 is that true? i need a set for custom painting
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