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  • FlatBlackNeonGreen ·
    Hello, Seen a couple of posts where you have said you have maps for the 04zx10 i was wondering if you would possiby send them to me.
    I have,
    2 Brothers Bolt on
    Servo motor removed/ BUtterfly valve disconnected.
    I live in NY not sure of the elevation and Im looking for a great all around performance nice take off constant power and also a nice high top speed. Im currently looking around for a good place to get tuned but everyone seems to have mixed reviews. If you have a map that would be great. Email [email protected] Please let me know as soon as you email it as alot of my mail goes to spam. thanks
    Interceptin ·
    Awesome fucking guy, just need some suggestion on how to find a rare jacket. Could never find anything and he messages me weeks later down. Found the jacket and sent me a link with a $ 120 bid. Yeah buddy!
    TMY10ER ·
    So far so good man, I don't get a chance to get on the forum near as much as I use to but I try to check I and get on from time to time. Good to hear from you bro and try not to be a stranger. Hope all is well with you and yours.
    Niqui ·
    Thanks!, Happy Late New Year too! I've been away for a while with family stuff but I have returned! How's the season going for you buddy?
    luis.pita ·
    Sooooooooo i read that stupid thread from that Antonio guy :lol: Guy got his ass smoked in public. I guess he cannot read members rep and itrade. Take care, hope you alright.
    Mapson02 ·
    Yo man what's up. Shoot me a PayPal for the bar ends if u wanna sell them or I'll pay for shipping. Spring is among us!!!! Trying to get her show looking ready!!!!!
    YB Legal ·
    hey bro'ham! dropping a line hoping that you and your family had a wonderful christmas and a happy new years!
    Weazel ·
    Hey bro, may be a stupid question. But how do you change your title. Like mine says GP rider I want something else
    hellsrazor ·
    Sup bro, tried to rep ya back but I gotta spread some around first.
    Hope you are doing good and thanks a million for that tire man.
    Let me know if I can help return the favor.
    den33 ·
    Yea it's 1:30AM and I feel like riding! Guess tomorrow will do..?? A ride tomor outside of the city sounds good to me!
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