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  • max232 ·
    ----I send you one with an 08zx10r. Open the FI tool, click on set, click on selectmachine, select the one at the top that says 08zx10r

    Hello ! Very looking for FI Tools for zx10 08. Can you help?
    Anderson ·
    Did I see a post where you are using a micro squirt? Can you tell me if allows you to tune fuel and timing of the motor? Are you using it as a stand alone ECU? How is it working out??
    Petawawarace ·
    Hey, I've been working with Dustin (Spazzonazx) and hes been helping me getting a microsquirt up and running. His ignition settings for a Gen 2 don't seem to be working for my Gen 1. Any chance you could help me out with some of the basic ign settings?

    Thanks, Jeff
    Ramirez ·
    Hi, do you have any idea how to eliminate the false reading of low. Fuel on the zx10 06, I juet installed an AEM 380 fuel pump externally and the low fuel ligjt turns on.
    ninja_12r2000 ·
    Thunder did you have something for putting the shaft with the gear inside the crankcase ?
    The shifting fork surely have an order to reassembly ?

    When looking to your video I remark I do some erros in reassamble the shaft with the gears.

    The snap ring have a dot on one of the side.....doesn't know that and probalby misplaced it.

    The toothed washer have a way to put on the shaft ?

    The two forks on the transmission have a little pin not aligned in the middle of it so there's probably a way to put on the fork shaft ? any idea ??

    Now I looked at your video I understand I probaly misplaced the toothed washer and snap ring, afraid of doing something wrong about the fork. Eevery thing seem to fit together in the crankcase but afraid now.
    sccadsr31 ·
    Red, I can make my own but don't want to do the work. I use a resistor to tell the ecu it is in 5th gear all the time and I have a flashed ecu so I could use the gear the stock indicator and put the stock wiring back. The engine is in the car pictured below.
    joe-kh ·
    i have a zx-10r 2007 im tired for the second time clutch basket failure. the first time one of the three rivets failed and then caused the whole basket failure. i got a new oem basket from ebay and installed. the second time i have used the same clutch disks but i changed the first two broken i have put used clean ones. now i have the second disk broken a small piece of it and the clutch basket with three cracks on the top at the ring. i do lots of wheelies but i am smooth slipping the clutch after the first failure sometimes im agressive. now im waiting for a used basket clutch from ebay to install it.
    can you please tell me the reason for the failure of the disk and basket?
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