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  • Squidward ·
    What's up man - just leaving you a msg through here. I'm up in Carrollton/Plano area. When is the bike night at TP? I've gone to "squid-ville" a few times but have yet to find anyone worth riding/hanging out with.
    TexasRider ·
    Whats up bro. I actually just moved to garland, but still not far from Mesquite. What are ya riding as a first bike? Yea im too old to do that crazy crap..lol. I do like to run fast a few times tho...hit some back roads on the way to the lake...that sorta thing. Names Ed, btw. I may be goin to bike night at Twin Peaks tonight for a bit...then might run out to squid-ville (aka high 5 cycles, lol) give me a text later on....im workin til 6 469-733-2179
    grassman2852 ·
    Hey TexasRider saw you were from the mesquite area. I also live in mesquite. Just recently got my first bike and only know a few people that have bikes. If if ever want to ride together let me know 214 325 1472. I dont do any crazy stuff just like to ride around when I can. Hope to hear from you.
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