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  • Freeman1531 ·
    Hey man thanks for the info and sorry it took so long to respond. As of right now I am going to pass. Funds are a little short but if it is still for sale in a couple months then i might take it.
    kawsquid23 ·
    you going to indy bro? nice! the guys i ride with and i are going down for all three days, maybe ill see you down there but who who knows over 7k bike there lol. ride safe bro, maybe donkey will make it haha.
    strkd50 ·
    Thats cool. I was planning on being at the strip this weekend, unless it rains then it will be next weekend. Just let me know when would be good.
    coolgjc ·
    ya i did! looks like i'm about 2-2 1/2 hours from your neck of the woods. then about another 2-3 hour trip to Galena area? did i see that right? i can make a day of it, but don't wanna leave my house at the crack of dawn when it's still cold out. that always sucks. i do on occasion meet the southern boys about 1/2 way and we ride where none of us know where we are. just another option.
    proelky ·
    Sure! It's not like I was going to use it, and I'd rather help someone out.....So that I'm now finished building the 10r, I'm debating selling it for a 14....Whatcha think? The bike is -1 and shows 5k odometer, what do you think I should ask for it? Any suggestions on where to look for a 14?
    leland ·
    ah yeah, my bad. After I sent you the message I re read it and saw it was for the light. I was needing a new tail section.
    strkd50 ·
    It was well worth it. The stabilizer is way better now, Dan Kyle does awesome work and is great to deal with.
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