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  • Volzx10r ·
    SD, I tried searching, but to no avail. I recall you recommending a firm for a rear shock rebuild? If so, what were your impressions of their work? Could you forward me their contact information if favorable? Thank you.
    NinjSeba ·
    hey is there a way to search just for all existing Gen 3 bike mods? like I want to see a link to each of those but just gen 3 mods
    rotag38 ·
    Just left your neck of the woods last week. My Dad lives in Land o Lakes. Hopefully you make a trip to Deals Gap. I am about 90 miles from the gap. Let me know I am off 3 to four days a week with my rotation. I will be back down there the week before easter no bike though.
    -J- ·
    Hi Sir...
    just wondering, what cans r u using for ur bike?
    Hotbodies - MGP growler?
    Nice colour scheme anyway..
    renais ·
    Been admiring the colour scheme of your bike SkyDork :thumbsup:

    Is it stock US colour or special paint job?

    Can you link me to a decent pic?

    Cheers from across the pond :hello:
    mr_honez ·
    Hey SD, please don't think I'm a grammar Nazi or anything, I just noticed that 'officer' is spelled 'oficer'. Don't want anyone giving you grief over it.
    scooter2005 ·
    Hey, thanks for pointing out the error in my posting. You seem pretty knowledgable, ive had a few ?'s about some of the parts, too me they seem the same, but do you know if the headlights are the same mount wise...and stay?
    SkyDork ·
    No I don't unfortunately. Heard it's a pretty good time, but my Wednesdays are pretty well full and can't get out there.
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