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  • F 18 driver ·



    I'm sorry to bother you again by a may have misidentified the apparatus where the Wire has less than 1/8 of an inch to be soldered… I hope you can determine what I am referring to. From the images.

    Thanks again.
    Sasquatch ·
    Thanks for the advice.

    Here's where I'm at. Unless the clicks are quite subtle, I've got nothing. I thought that I felt 4 or 5 subtle ticks, but the tensioner couldn't have been that far out of whack. I buttoned her back up with new coolant, new oil & filter and a Motion Pro throttle. After firing her up, the noise hasn't changed and I'm flashing an FI light. The noise might just be typical Kawasaki stuff, but it annoys me to no end.

    As for the flashing FI, I've either forgotten to plug something back in or its something else. How's that for a diagnosis? Wasn't there something years ago with people belching the oil filter after a change on account an errant light?

    It's 103 degrees outside and I'm typing on a tablet from the non air conditioned garage. I think that I may be done for the day. I've got clearance from the old lady to get AC installed in the new garage and a few bucks set aside for a lift. I never thought I'd be happy to move!
    sarge ·
    Dear SkyDork,

    My zx10r (Gen 2) has 6000 miles and runs good and I am aware that ninjas can be noisy.

    I notice that when my bike is in neutral there is a low rattling sound, as soon as I pull in the clutch lever, the noise goes away, if I let out the clutch the noise comes back,pull in the clutch lever, the noise goes away.

    Whats going on with the bike?
    cltguy123 ·
    If you could send me that spreadsheet I would appreciate it! My email is [email protected] The shops I have talked to I haven't even mentioned using used parts, they just don't want to tackle it. I'm looking for some mechanics that will help me on the side.
    Ivanst ·
    Hi, just I want notice you for front rotors which I buy in 'suncoastcyclesports' store it's arrived today (my state custom staff fast as snails). As you say you're local store
    guys are good seller highly professional
    I'm replace rotors immediately today and ride a few kilometars to try them so they are in perfect condition for used parts. Look like as they said low milage passed, they are without pads trace n they are stright. I can say excellence.
    ZX-Rider10R ·
    Hey you helped me out about my question on my 2010 zx10r fairings problem. I would like to add you, as I have quite a bit of question that arise and you seem very knowledgable. Thanks again.
    ZX10Rip ·
    Not sure who to contact but when you open up some of the links on the site You get a strange page with what looks like Arabic writting. I am afraid that the site has been hacked.
    KingRR ·
    SkyDork, sry that bother you, but I'm new to the forum and have a question; why can not edit the post, thanks in advance ?!
    nitrobrain06 ·
    Hey man hopefully not bugging you but thought id ask before making a new thread do you know of a thread or a way i can get a comparison of the 3 main Flashes for my 2012 10r?? i.e. Guhl and the two guys off of the .net?? im looking for dyno sheets and a side by side of offered settings. i have some experience with Dyno tuning but only in Vehicles mainly turboed applications so i know every dyno has its on variances.

    Thanks for your help

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