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  • Zx10Life ·
    Hello Rifleman i have a Gen 3 Zx10 and I’d like to buy your 1/5th insert if you have 1 available for Sell. I tried to message you on this site but it said your mailbox is to full. Thanks
    freak ·
    Hello Sir,

    Only a quick question for you... will a zx10r 2004 - 1/5th throttle Rifleman insert will fit a zx10r gen 4 ?Many thanks.
    BlackKawk ·
    Hi Rifleman,

    I was hoping to buy one of the 1/5 throttle inserts for my 08' zx10r. Is there any chance that you are still making them? I really appreciate any response you can give me.

    Thank you and I hope to hear back!
    Porschenut ·
    Hi there,

    A buddy of mine has a 2005 GSXR750 and I'm trying to explain your throttle insert to him. Do you make one for his bike and do you have a webpage that I can direct him to?

    Zuckit ·
    Hey Rifleman, I have a Gen 3 and I've been reading a lot about your throttle insert and I was wondering if you have any instock and how much. Taking the bike to the track in April and I heard this mod is the tits and I can't wait to try it. Let me know please..Thanks
    Ricky Eve ·
    Hi Rifleman do you still make the throttle inserts for 07 zx10r, if so is there a link i can go to or is it direct from yourself. Im in the uk by the way dont know if this matters.
    wannyboy ·
    Hi Rifleman,

    Could you please send me the details to how I get a 1/5 throttle mod for my 2009 ZX10 please ? I am based in the UK so will need international postage :) Could you pm me your PayPal or send me a invoice if you have one to ship.

    Many Thanks,

    Peli67 ·
    Hi there from Germany,

    i bought your insert before and i wanted to know if you still those.

    If yes ...

    pls advice how much ( shipping to Germany via Airmail ?)

    and how to pay

    Thank you !
    tynman ·
    After riding my friends 2014 ZX10r yesterday, this throttle mod is a must!!
    I'd like to get in contact with you to purchase one for a 2015 ZX10r.

    If you accept paypal, my email is [email protected]

    Thanks in advance,
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