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  • dkgdaman ·
    one day soon hopefully me and my boys will get a bunch of us togeather to race at cottonwood one night. you interested? im tired of being the only zx 10 there lol
    jonpiper ·
    hey man ... most of the mph's I was talking about was on spray up here in north alabama. The altitude is ~600ft.

    What track do you guys run at in PC ? A few guys from up here have been thinking about a trip down to FL to ride the beach in a couple weeks and will be looking for a track to play on while we are there . Got any suggestions ?

    thanks man

    Jon Piper
    bird_dog0347 ·
    I made a little bracket out of sheet metal and glued it to the bottom of the hugger. There is a hole drilled in it that extended it down to the factory mounting hole, but I need to re-do it as it is not perfect. Pretty simple, I posted pics in a thread about a month ago, somewhere in the ZX-10 subforum.
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