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    P 51 Jockey ·
    I use Ntech's and Bridgestone R10's. The geometry will be the same for both tires. Yeah, I use anywhere from 5 - 8mm more length on the shock depending on the track.
    P 51 Jockey ·
    The front end is a little vague feeling when pushed. Not as good as the Honda. The rear tends to shred tires with that monster motor and takes a good shock and suspension tuner to get in check. A link and offset swingarm pivots are needed to tame it easier. So far, the Gen 4 is acting like a Gixxer, you have to try pretty hard to fuck it up.
    djhartm ·

    Hey, I was wondering if you could explain this statement: "The BMW is a good bike, but there are some problems with the chassis for a racer."

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