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  • don sholand ·
    Well, I've installed the Brembo MC and ZX-6R Calipers. Everything went smooth. MC came with brake light micro switch, all I had to do was solder flat connectors, works great. I installed the Brembo reservoir kit also.

    Went for a test ride around the neighborhood, braking difference is night and day! Like a rock. Noticeably stronger, but I really need to get out there to test at speed.

    Next week arrive and I will install the Speigler 1 into 2 lines and new C L pads. So I still don't know the end effect until I get all that in and go to the track. Also, I have yet to play with changing the MC ratios to feel the difference.

    But Man! Huge noticeable difference already, can't wait to get the lines and new pads installed to really see the end result. I took some pics, if you want to give me you email I can send, or should I start a Thread?

    Oh.. and by the way... the BST wheels are on the way! Sweeeet

    BusaCaptain ·
    Great to meet you as well. Gonna try and figure it out tomorrow. Might just be a kickstand switch vibrating. I have checked a lot already.
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