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  • horse ·
    Cheers for msg and I do hang out with them a lot...........if I wasn't branded "the anti social face off Racefit" by them think they would be sick off me. I consider myself "the official test pilot" as I get to test all the new stuff and am mobile advertising lol! If you ever want to come to the dark side msg me privately and we can chat and how I can help. Cheers Adam.
    horse ·
    Thanks for kind words ref Racefit. Listen they are good friends If there is anything they can do for you then just come through me. I can get you mates rates. Cheers Adam.
    mr_honez ·
    Doing pretty good, nothing to complain about here. Trying to save up some money to take her home to Argentina and meet her family there. And stay breathing. Thats hard enough in itself lol.
    Teeks ·
    Nope :-( Had some expensive issues come up the last couple weeks. No playing for me for a bit. I still want to move though and will be doing a job hunting expedition down there the 15th-18th. Staying at cheap motel and just some looking around. I need to find work, then I will go from there. Got offered a real good job back in Wi but I really dont want to go. If I cant make something happen soon though I may not have a choice.
    glockt ·
    Thanks for the birthday wishes,sorry I missed the original post a month ago.How are things going down in fla? Been very busy in my neck of the woods.Take care thx again.
    Sorry dude, I just saw your visitor messages. The stupid Motorcycle.com app I normally use doesn't tell you if you have them. Only PM's. Don't let you delete mass PM's either, so I signed in to do that since my box is full Lol
    Yeah, I dropped the $50 too. That is pretty steep IMO for some digital copies. Though I didn't want 3/4 of them, if you want more than 1-4 pics they got you by the balls there.
    I'm not sure on November's track day. I'd like to go if I can afford it. Gonna have to wait and see. Maybe I can pit with you this time around if I end up going? My shop guys had quite a bit going on last time.
    bluedevil ·
    Thanks OR10R buddy!!! ......You never forget my B-Day and are a great friend even if it's the Internet. :eek:ccasion1
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