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  • OneSLOW10 ·
    Lol I guess we will only know how much my balls have grown when I attempt to ride :) Regardless I figured I should let this color Gen 1 go. Jay, the guy who has the 1st Gen is going away till Tuesday and I'm hoping he gives me a call back with his address so that I can mail a check to him, this way he will have it on his door step when he returns. Then by giving it a few days to clear it should put me sometime around next weekend - I hope. Depending on my Mil schedule I'd like to be able to make it to a Breakfast run or a ride to Philly for a steak :) Will keep you posted
    bodymanruss518 ·
    well,......lol....seems your balls have grown a lil bit!....wishing you luck on gettiing that orange gen1 man.......sweet,clean bike!!!!...we will def ride in the future!!....glad to have ya back on a 10R again!........well,....soon anyway!.......when ya goin to get here?
    OneSLOW10 ·
    Hey Bro! Yea I don't know if I quite have the balls to ride again but I have been looking. Mainly I been looking for a drag project I can work on in my garage. Since your up this way if I ride again we will have to catch up some time :)

    Some bikes that I been looking at and responding to people don't want to sell them. There asking for to much in some cases, but eh it's almost summer so that's why. One guy has a Roller with a Adams arm, reworked shock and Brocks exhaust, but doesn't want to take $2500 which I thought was more then fair seeing how much a motor and plastics would cost. O well like I said no rush b/c I don't know how big my balls are quite yet :)

    bodymanruss518 ·
    sup man!.how ya been?........was blown away when I saw your bike in that pile a few years back.......I see in a few threads,...you are ready to get back in the saddle!...Good for you Bro!!.holla at me sometime..........I moved from NC to PA last fall and am living near Penn State!
    bodymanruss518 ·
    whats up bro ?.....just wonderin how ya are healing up?..........they have your pic up on the calendar!,.......when ya gettin in the saddle again!.....we miss ya on the forum!
    Hope all is well man!,........keep in touch!!
    cardeea ·
    Can we make deal of $15 shipped, because i can buy one new for $20 shipped and receive it in 2-3 days..
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