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  • YB Legal ·
    hey congrats on the mod! glad to see someone with some sense on here be recognized for it. keep up with the good work....
    YB Legal ·
    hey bud, just saw your post on the "when do you run" thread. yeah i try to help people out as long as i feel its appreciated, but often times i do get tired of hearing peoples
    sh!t. its not my fault they choose to do the things they do, on public streets i remind you. then its the sorry a$$ popo to blame. i will help some of you guys out in the future through PM's. and thats for people that i feel appreciate it, but i wont be participating int eh open forums like i did in the past. but anyway, just wanted to say thanks man! :thumbsup:
    bgmagma10 ·
    Dude you should definitely be proud! I've been trying for 8's on my bike for the last 5 years now and still haven't quite got there but cudos to you!!!
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