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  • dudewhrsmybike ·
    Hey man, I bumped one of your threads about the LOR can, I was wondering if you had any pictures from the SIDE of your bike with the LOR? I saw that you said you ordered the 08-10 ZX-10R setup and it works for Gen4, I'm just curious how the midpipe looks from the side of the bike. That has been my issue with most of the side mount pipes for the Gen4, the midpipe looks fugly and needs to be covered up with a heat shield or something. Just hoping the LOR ties in nicely with the lines of the bike...thanks!
    Ka-V ·
    Hey NinjeR which LOR pipe did you get to fit your bike? I have a 2011 ZX10R and love the way the LOR sounds and can't beat the price!!! Get back to me. Thanks man...
    wildcats ·
    hey man hit me up i rode tonight but saw like 4 bikes and every time itried to turn around to catch em they were gone lol i have no idea where they all go
    blaze00 ·
    any word on that plastic? also my little bro took off his full dnd system if that chick is looking for and exhaust.
    rainking12 ·
    Damn, sorry I missed your post. I'll PM you my cell number so you can text me next time. I had some cold san miguels in the fridge.
    TinMan_38 ·
    I didnt realize you were that close. what town are you in? we may be able to come to some kind of arrangement and we wont have to worry about shipping. you can reach me at 501-697-5564.

    I work in the gas field so my schedule varies, and like I said in my earlier post, I just flew home to see my daughter graduate, so my $ is very tight, but maybe we can work something out if no one comes up with the cash soon. just let me know. thanks.
    slav ·
    Hey man,
    Can you please tell me if the 05/07 frames are the same? I know they look a little different, but bolts seem to be in the same place...
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