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  • craig_sez ·
    Hey bud...Looking for a full ti system for my gen 3..DONT want a 2 bro/mgp or any of the crappy stuff..Looking along the lines of a blue flame/k factory/akra/beet type of system..Shoot me a pm with what you have and prices..PS im from eastern canada so a rough idea on shipping to b4c-2w3 in novascotia,canada...Riding4life sent me yer way to send him a tks..lol..
    MUSHU ·
    Sup David! I have finally received the goodies you sent me. The post man forwarded it to my brothers house. Then my dumbass brother didn't tell me until today. My apologies and Thank you!
    YB Legal ·
    Hey d, I received the goodies you sent! Thanks again for the hook up, I really appreciated it. I keep sending them your way every chance I get. I hope you have a great weekend, take care!
    konichd ·
    PM me and I'll get you taken care of. E-bay fee's are the reason why we don't do any reduced pricing on e-bay.

    Shipping is $28.95 EMS (tracking)
    coolangler ·
    Hi konichd,

    I am interested to purchase 2 units of ZX10R dynojet autotune kit sets.

    I've actually bid on the item on ebay yesterday prior to getting an offered discount reply from 303cycle_usa but the transaction was declined after he/she mentioed that the price mentioned CANNOT be made via Ebay (not sure why).

    But whatever the matter, I am still interested in purchasing the autotunes regardless the method of transaction ( he did mention about direct request of payment via paypal - which i could comply with).

    Would you be kind enough to check for me the shipping cost of this 2 units to 68000, Ampang, Selangor - Malaysia?

    Appreciate it.
    mokry33nj ·
    I've heard you have great prices on brembo master cylinders. I'm looking to get a quote on 19rcs or 19x18.
    rudra ·
    Hi,how are you?
    can you quote for below parts 3 gen shipped to dubai, uae
    part no 55028-0204-6Z cowling inner LH, F
    part no 56001-0102 LH mirror assembly
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