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  • Kawawog ·
    Yea bout to goto bed actually, gotta work in the morning.. Hows everything been for you lately bud? Its been a while between chats :)
    Kawawog ·
    Hey you, long time no speak, what ya been upto champ? Was startin to think you dropped off the plannet!
    Its been over 7 months since i wrote to ya telling ya i lowsided :p Its all fixed up now and better then before..
    Im just about to go over to my bro in laws house and fit my new PCV, should have my akra link pipe early next week aswell..
    Didnt take me long to get used to the power and want more haha..
    Hope all is good at your end dude, Take is easy :)
    Kawawog ·
    Hey champ,hows it been? Long time no talk.. Bad news from me,lowsided my bike 3 weeks ago,im shattered!!
    Looks like its got the notorious shift rod crack now as im having troubles down shifting..
    Its at the repair shop as we speak,gettin assessed so it can be fixed under insurance..
    How have you been anyways dude?
    Kawawog ·
    Yeah im still kickin about dude.. Havent come off the beast yet lol.. Howz everything at your end?
    This forum is so damn hard to keep up with,theres so many members and threads to read!!
    Catch ya mate :)
    Kawawog ·
    Ahh i see.. I prolly should post some pics of my ride soonish..I havent been able to get the grin off my face since ive bought it,especially now ive fitted a new yoshi slip on..It sounds so damn horn now*drools* lol
    luis.pita ·
    Your username is funny. Most dont know what wog means, thanks for the laugh. I havent heard/read wog in a while now. You work at Aldi or woolworths?
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