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  • soxxerms ·
    you are lucky as hell, the girls around here " topless establishment" dont care about all that unless you got deep deep pockets, otherwise they have better things to do, said part is most of them came from a trailer park and do not look all that well, why the lights are down so you cant see their true form lol
    but keep up the show, i for sure am loving it. haha.
    JUPJON ·
    Yeah, I usually ride w/ the bike at stock ride height or 1.5 inch lowered it handles the twisties best at stock height + I have Ohlins internals in front forks. I have adjustable rear lowering links, can be set at stock, 1.5 or 3 inches lowered, then I just drop the triples to even out or lower the front as much as possible and throw on the strap for drag racing. I ran it a lot more last summer, It was awesome! I just changed my Avatar pic to another good one, it is 3inches + lowered! Thanks for the compliments.
    hs1113 ·
    Hey man, just wanted to say that that's a beautiful bike there. I was wondering, is your bike dropped and if so how much/using what? The stance just looks so much lower than my 05 unless it's just my eyes playing tricks on me. If it is dropped, how does it handle on the curves and everything or are you a straight line kind of guy? Thanks man! And again, sweet bike!
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