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  • highsider ·
    JD, I hear you're retired now. Congrats!!
    Now that you're gone. they decide to send me to Vicenza, for my last go 'round. It's been 25 long short years, and it's time to hang it up, but i'm going to enjoy this last trip to europe
    Ulf ·

    Im gonna install a Ohlins TTX on my friends ZX10r -08 but havent got the manual. Theres a stock shim/spacer about 10mm, should i remove or add a shim/spacer? Please help me out. Is the length of the Ohlins/stock different? Heard of people rising the rear about 6mm but thats maybe with the stock setup? Its a trackbike only.

    Thankful for help/Ulf
    jdgun_13 ·
    Hey man no problem, and thank you...been a good day or should i say morning...watching GUNS & ROSES till 326am live!
    needless to say didn't do much else today.
    Sebastian1000 ·
    Hello JD.

    Do you by chance remember a thread that was about the different CF qualities and brands? I remember you and Bcc were in it for sure. I don't know if I have it in my subscriptions...I am currently looking for it. I am in the market for some CF fairings but am not sure about pulling the trigger until I do some more research. Thanks either way

    RPG76 ·
    How's it going? Checking out your bike in the SAMCO gb thread, see you have GP redone forks. I was looking for some feed back around your thought and what you had done? I've ordered a few parts from them in the past and they were great to deal. Thinking about valves ect.
    rainking12 ·
    Sold my 636 to get a 2nd gen 10 and got a text from the buyer asking why the throttle was so much better then his friends bike. I told him I did the jdgun throttle mod. He was like WTF is a jdgun throttle mod? I told him to google it, :lol:
    rbray ·
    Nah man, I was trying to unload those 08 10R calipers... they didn't fit. I ended up going with SS lines and sintered pads... but I'm a little pissed. I ordered galfer GP lines (h-style set up), waited about a week and a half to get them, and then what came in the mail? Superlight lines. Yeah, I ordered $115 lines and was sent $60. WTF?

    But all is good otherwise, how you been sucka?
    jdgun_13 ·
    She is doing pretty good, clutch is all freshened up and new BT-016's are mounted waiting on some decent weather to break them in...video and pics to follow..
    Also did DZUZ Kit and all black bolts
    robby-hk ·
    Hey JD,

    I have an '05 Zx-10R like yours and am interested in changing the guages to those from an '06/07 model with analog tacho. Can you please tell me exactly what you did to make yours fit and work ?

    I posted a question about this some months ago, but didn't get any meaningful replies


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