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  • Niqui ·
    Dang I'm sorry to hear, My condolences bud.

    You're welcome, I'm glad you're still loving the paint.

    It does look like it's real CF you can't blame them :p

    I'll toss you a text sometime soon and catch up

    If you ever need to chat, I'm always around
    Niqui ·
    Hey Don, Just an old friend droppin' by to say hey! Hope all is well brother, still can't get over how beautiful that paint job turned out on the bike!
    Peatorian ·
    Hey I wanted to ask that if the resistors are not 1/2 watt does that matter as long as they are 220ohm and 4.7kohm? All I could find at radio shack is 1/4watt resistors with the same ohm
    Zien19 ·
    Hellsrazor. I would like to get one of you servo eliminators. 07 zx10r. Please let me know the procedure and if you have any in stock. Thanks in advance.

    goyangisl ·
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    elflaco ·
    how well those your servo eliminator works and what would happen if I have aftermarket exhaust with out the servo wires and just the motor will I loose power and the bike wont perform right?

    im interested on probably buying 2 how much would that be and do u guarantee they will work its for a zx10r 2007 and a zx10r 2012 neigther bike has the fi light on either thanks for your help
    [email protected] ·
    I have a 2010 zx10 And need it to run a Lil cleaner. I took off the stock pipe w the servo. Do u still make the eliminator and what will it do as far as the running of the motor. Thanks bro
    peterd10r ·
    Hi my name is Peter and live in Australia I think you are a member of kawnation ! What I wanted to know and excuse me for asking as I tried to search your thread on servo buddy's but couldn't find it have you posted the how to on gen4 servo Ellim yet? If so would it be ok to shoot me a diagram on here or msg on kawnation,my name is Peter Dicks and if not ok I understand thanks Peter
    YB Legal ·
    just dropping in to say hello! i dont get on here much anymore, been a lot going on lately. i hope the family is doing good, hit me up sometime....
    or10r ·
    Good Lord your fast!!! Lol!!! Hey man I got em in seperate bags marked EBC and OEM. Ill shoot you a text tomorrow after I ship em. :thumbsup:
    den33 ·
    Hey man my ph malfunctioned and i lost all my contacts, can u pm me Tonka's # please? Its on the tip of my tongue but cant remember it.
    no never said that....why would the servo eliminator have anything to do with servo eliminator 23/24 is for a camshft/speedsensor nothing to do with the exhaust least not that i know of
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