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  • dsingersoll ·
    Please tell me you have the rear wheel for sale, if yo do ill take it. I just need the wheel nothing else, but if you don't want to part out the wheel, I'll work with you. My rear is toast.
    Grease ·
    ROFL...I haven't been around much...I am an obsessive/compulsive and someone got me hooked on Facebook's Mafia Wars....so I spend my free time on a computer doing that.

    How you been red?
    Grease ·
    I would post the question on Sportbikes.ws, maybe in the FL area? I looked at SportbikeTrackTime (STT) and I only saw the Jennings track in FL. It's at http://www.jenningsgp.com/. It's about 20 miles South of Valdosta, GA. Don't know where you are, but you could also go to Road Atlanta, Roebling Road in Savannah, GA. We have guys that go all the way into the Carolinas to ride. STT is a track organization that offers 3 skill levels with a safe environment and great people. To start out, you would need full leathers or a full 360 degree zip together 2 piece leather suit, gauntlet style leather gloves, over the ankle boots, and then prep the bike. You start out slow and attend classes in between sessions for instruction. There are always riding coaches on the track to help you as well. At Jennings it's liike $145 a day. If you come to Barber, it as much as $205 a day. Plus gas, tires, food, lodging, etc.

    Be careful and look closely before getting into this...it is EXPENSIVE and ADDICTING!

    Not hard to spend some jack...heck, in just my leathers, helmet, gloves, and boots...I have about $1,400.
    jayizzo ·
    Cool man thanks again and hope to hear from you when ever dude.Also how do you get into racing ??? How can i find some were to put my bike on a track?? i live in florida.
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