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  • White_Rider ·
    Hi Garth,

    Noticed you mentioned you have the 2016+ service manual...
    Any chances to get a link/email?

    Would really appreciate it. :)

    ioncane5 ·
    Hey man I know you seem to have the service manuals for a lot of bikes. I'm wondering if you one for the 89 ninja 500 ex? Thanks!!
    kevin nolde ·
    What up? hoping to get a download Gen 5 manual. Kind of 911 due to crazy deadline. Racebike with ECU flash, only runs in safe mode and then stalls out, it is pretty crazy. You could send the file or dropbox link to [email protected] Thanks
    jneeter ·

    Do you have a copy of the service manual on pdf? If so I would love to get a copy of it. Glad to paypal you a few bucks for the trouble. Thanks!
    shoginator ·
    Hey Garth,

    Gen4 base circles as I see them are as follows:
    Stock intake = 28.06
    Stock exhaust = 26.22
    Kit Intake = 28.06
    Kit Exhaust = 26.28 (weird)

    ninja_12r2000 ·
    Hi garth285
    As you said a stock head gasket on the zx-10r is 0.60 mm or so, if I want a 0.45 mm I just remove the middle part of a stock gasket and go.

    O.K I understand well that the stock gaskethave pins or something to joint the 3 parts together so to remove the central part I need to break this little thing, soo now I got the 2 outside part of the gasket I ditch the middle part. Now to make that two parts stay together what I do (to let the holes aligned), Put the two outside parts put a little glue and put back the gasket in place or it doesn't matter because the two dowell pin who are on the block will aligne it AWY.

    I got some question about porting too, but doesn't want to bother you too much.

    zx10rzerecta ·
    I'm having serious problems with my gen 1. I replaced the clutch and cable and assembled as followed fiber, anti-chatter, fiber, steel, fiber, steel, fiber, steel, fiber etc but clutch slips bad. First gear just revs and doesn't catch at all. I'm using new ebc kit. I have adjusted the cable at the lever and at the bottom
    Gum ·
    Gday I'm Lyndon. You seem in the know. My gen 4. .50 gasket. Valve job. Race ecu etc. 112 104 std cams. Any thoughts advancing the intake say 2 to 4 degrees and the exhaust ???. Thanks Lyndon
    Five-0 ·
    Any way you can call me? I run zx engine in small dirt cars. Got some cam questions I do not want out on the net!!!

    936 526 4175
    garth man still waiting on the tracking number for the
    cams.... i racing intake and the 2 stock camshafts
    valve springs and kawasaki racing valve springs i had sent to you via ebay
    3rd gen retainers from brandon
    and the thin head gasket

    said a while a go you were going to mail it off with tracking number like i suggested earlier if you want to just pay me out for everything im more than willing to take that instead the whooooole situation is dragging on waaaay toooooo looong
    i need the head mailed to carpenter motors by friday i mine as well just let them go ahead and have them do the work i need the money in my paypal no later than sunday please im running out of time and options and knowing carpenter they probably are seriously swamped with work so im going to have to wait even longer to have the head back but i dont have anybody else that i know can do the work
    race gasket
    1 intake camshafts
    1 racing intake camshaft
    1 exhaust camshaft
    8 kawasaki racing valve springs
    16 zx10r valve springs
    16 3rd gen retainers from brandon Andrews
    SDsting ·
    Hi Garth, I’m told you have done a lot of speed runs on your gen4.
    Can you tell me aprox what top speed I should hit with a -1 front sprocket?
    And how about going back to stock gearing, would it be just about 200mph?

    Not sure if you saw my dyno thread http://www.zx-10r.net/forum/showthread.php?t=202786
    but my gen4 is at 187hp and here are the mods:
    - Yoshimura ¾ slip-on
    - DynoJet Power Commander V
    - ECUleashed flash
    - BMC race airfilter
    - and the Rifleman throttle mod

    I appreciate your time
    Bryan.Wells ·
    hey where did you get your wheels man? they are pure amazing. and how much did they run you? did you need to change out the bearing size or anything?
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