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    edouble ·
    I contacted a fee people and Marchesini aluminium are around $2300 new, still too much for me. The Carrozzeria Tri-R is growing on me since it is aluminum and weights as much as Marchensini magnesium. The Carrozzeria Tri-R is cost less than the Marchesini and also come with special Galfer rotors - probably getting these wheels at some point.
    abusfullofnuns ·
    Yeah, the website is onthethrottle.com you are looking for videos by dave moss. if he is talking, you should be listening. he has been doing a live webcast over different topics. last night was on tire wear, adn it was awesome. he had an hour of q&a after the cast too.

    The books are twist of the wrist 1 and 2, by keith code. volume 2 would be the best. I also have both vol1 and 2 of his videos. i will file transfer those to you, but everyone should own twist of the wrist in print.
    YB Legal ·
    hey man, just wanted to drop you a line, and say it was cool meeting you! oh and glad we came away clean from our little run in with the local law enforcement! and i had a blast on our ride friday, i hate i missed out on thursday. maybe next year i can get up with you guys earlier. take care, and ride safe!
    mail-zx10-man ·
    sup edouble maybe u can help me i just got the rifleman incert and i read ur thread on how to install it but u and hillcountry only show it on the grip install already the question is how do u install it on the grip withought braking it in 2 cause it looks like its too narrow to slide right over the piece that hold the cable on the grip itself i tried opening mine some and it only gives out just alittle bit dont seams that its enough to go over the grip piece onless iam looking at it wrong and i dont want to breake it and have to buy another one i posted the same question to rifleman just incase both of u have different answer thanks for ur help hope u understand my ?
    ShervinRRR ·
    How are you doing? You welcomed me very nice and post some pictures of my jobs to support me and you stated that i should have my own category;

    I just wanted to say Thank You! for the support, for the respect, and for beliving me. My job is defenetly different and my goal is unique. I upgrade everyday and eventhough i improve alot of other categories i am securing my own categories stronger, deeper, higher, and bigger. Some started seeing it, Some already saw it, and the rest will see it very soon!
    bcm0018 ·
    Hey I finally got my bike running! Its not completely together yet but I'm hoping to finish up next week and get a dyno tune on Friday. Once I'm done we will have to meet up and go for a ride.
    bcm0018 ·
    I definitely will...motor should be done next week as will training so I can start putting it back together. I'll let you know when its done so we can meet up for a ride.
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