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  • v167m ·
    Hi Dean,
    Thanks again for answering my questions re you reflashed ECU on EBay. I had originally planned to refalsh my ECU but I have an extended warranty and if I had an electrical problem down the road the dealer said they wouldn't honor it. I've already had one electrical problem and my bike spent a month in the shop to get it right. So I'm looking to get a second ECU and your unit sounds good. Like I said though I've only got 650.00 now but I have my Leo Vince slip-on for sale on the forum for only $435.00. I'm hoping I'll get it sold in time to add more to my bid on your ECU. I'm walking the dog right now and when I get back I'll post my bid. Thanks again
    gazx10 ·
    hey dsabat, been really busy also. springs are yours. hit me with ship address, i will ship on to you.get paypal info for ya, just pay at your conv, i know ur straight. thanks, jim. hey, i got a little problem posted in tech on first page, u got real knowledge, what u think about ex. ptv, i think i painted myself in a corner. any opinion appreciated. thanks.
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