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  • medicbaldwin ·
    thanks for the heads up, i'll look into it further. I'm thinking about bypassing the kick stand switch which should make it so I can tap right into the clutch switch plug and simplify my life.
    medicbaldwin ·
    Did you have a launch master on your bike? I'm struggling to locate the proper wire to connect the activation wire. I've checked both wires at the clutch switch and i've noticed it works properly when the kickstand is down, once it's up, both clutch wires are grounded, which activated the launch master.
    medicbaldwin ·
    In your video of your air shifter setup, I noticed you have a DME top mount for the air cylinder.
    Was that mount specific to your bike? I can't find one like that for a 2008 zx10r, i can only find for 2010+ or zx14's.
    Ninjawarrior14r ·
    Interested in your velocity stacks......how old are they, about how many miles on them, do I see small scratches along the carbon fiber tubes?

    Do you still have them for sale?



    Just programmed my ECU yesterday waiting for it to arrive tomorrow and button it all back up...hate to do it again, so am motivated to maybe wait til yours come in and do it all once and for all.

    I have $175.00 in my PayPal account ready to go if we agree on price.
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