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  • BigCat10R ·
    That's fucked up, I can't fly the helicopter for shit, but I'm damn good in a tank. Sometimes I'll hop in a helicopter just for a ride to a rooftop, but the pilot is being a fag and will just sit there using the get out command. They don't know how patient I am, I've made a guy sit at the spawn for half a match till he gave up and started flying with me on board.
    Ah, i gotchya. Yeah that stage is bad ass. Only thing is I've ran into a lot of douchers in the East and West servers for Siege. Either team killing or trying to always control the attack chopper, like if you spawn as the gunner, they like to fly low and have their friend shoot you so they can take your seat.
    Hey bud, sorry I'm just now replying. I always use the app and it doesn't notify me of visitor messages. Anyway, my user is TERMINATOR_68cal
    Yeah I still haven't played the night time Zavod level yet either. Going to soon though. Just beat MGS5. You should check it out man. The game itself is amazing, as for the campaign ending though, that's another story.
    Cool man. I think were actually already friends on there. Haven't played BF4 in a lil bit though. Been on that Metal Gear Phantom Pain. SICK game. Gotta get back on BF4 and check out that new night Zavod level now! See ya in there some time bro.
    joe-kh ·
    thnx for ur reply. but im still not convinced because all friends are doing wheelies im the only one having basket failure. is that a big issue with the zx10 2007 ? heavy weight bike.. 2004-2008-2009... are much lighter in weight. is that a reason that im not helping the bike by getting a bit back on the seat so it goes up much easier?
    ninja_12r2000 ·
    Receive the thing yesterday. Ans for sure UPS charge another 40$ for custom fees etc...
    That's why I use USPS all the time, because they dont have this mark up.
    AWY I pay the thing. Now just have to put the pump in the bike tank and check if the bike came alive. Seem that the pump are in godd shape.

    TheBullRoars ·
    Great, thanks again. Quick question.. I'm getting heavy gas fumes in the garage. My old tank had 2 hose fittings where after smog delete one was plugged and one was open. There's one on this tank and I've tried both plugging it and leaving it open w fumes regardless. Any ideas?
    Ripped10R ·
    BigCat10R ·
    Haha thanks or! Too bad im awake right now...i thought 7am only came once during the evening, this waking up early shit is clown pussy
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