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  • Carbon Dragon ·
    Just went up to a 190/55R17 rear tire and noticed my clearance wasn't ideal as the rear tire has rubbed a hole in my CF rear tire hugger. Any suggestion on how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance
    CoolBrzBlu ·
    Hey man, do you know what other heads fit on a gen 2 and what the advantages might be? Would be cool if I could make a gen 4 head fit, but what about an intake/ computer? Trying to get my engine built for the standing mile.. I weigh 230, and I'm trying to get my bike up to 200 in the mile on race gas.
    inginekilla ·
    hey bro,
    I want your blower set up, Can I send you a few hundered bucks now and $100 a week until I get my tax return back?? I really want it lol. As far as tuning my bike is currently being tuned via woolrich, how hard is it to tune w the blower? IM going to try the 500cc ultra 310r injectors since ill be on 8lb and e85. let me know your thoughts....
    Kawi Demun ·
    Hey bro, ibeen slackin My ass off...been too busy with school to do the top wnd...when i pull the head, do i need to replace the headstuds or can i just re-use the stock ones? Or would they be slightly Stretched and out of spec
    freet2drive ·
    hi my name is michael. i am new to this and i am looking into making / buying a supercharger kit, i am a ferm believer of doing all the work myself it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment. Is there any way you could help me out with the supercharger as in what all did you buy and what did u fabricate yourself. if you could email me at [email protected] i would greatly appreciate it thank you in advanced
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