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  • Bandana ·
    Hi Ronnie

    sorry as well from my end, even me am not coming as usual on this site,

    Currently doing some Track days at Concordia Sicily with a ZX10r 09 model. not the street one but I have bought an other and changed into atrack bikle, will be again there this saturady.

    Listen if you have face book I am Jo Fenech.

    Stay safe and enjoy.
    adrenalinaddict ·
    Hey Ronnie

    Guys at work want to know if you have married a lady-boy yet hahaha.. How's it going over there? Let me know if you need anything!

    Bandana ·
    hi ron

    Sorry for the late reply but was very busy lately and did not enter site for a quite period of time

    Just arrived today back in Malta from Ireland, went to see a freind of mine also into bikes, and went also to see dirt bike races as well.

    So how are you, hope well, still same job, hope find you well my freind.

    Any way if you are comming over please contact me so we can go a bit around as last time.

    Best regards

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